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Island, 2007, Solo exhibition at Big Orbit gallery, Buffalo, NY, US (Seven channel site-specific video installation with sound)   ( 30 x 25 x 12 ft.)

Projections of heavy rain scenes surround the walls of a dark gallery.  In the centre of the space a temporary shelter sits on wheels.  The outside is covered with corrugated metal and the inside is lined with white tile.  Fluorescent tubes light the inside as a shower head rains water from the ceiling, which goes down a drain.  An invisible pump re-circulates the water in a closed system of re-circulation.  A small window is the only access into the space.  A loud all-encompassing recording of heavy rain is played for 3-minute intervals, with a 15 second pause. The sound of the shower is suppressed by the loudness of the rain and is only audible once the rain has ceased. 

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